The Rats are Going to Eat You “The Rats are going to eat you, travieso” she scolded an old woman’s scorned life cast ill intent upon my childhood’s naive trust shaking a weathered finger at me and her past she wanted to leave this place her house built of empty hopes no love’s foundation... Continue Reading →

block party whore She stayed five houses down from the old boathouse and she’d never been invited once to a party there. The old boathouse didn’t look like the rest of the subdivision. There weren’t any trees in the lot and the patches of grass among the rocky soil sprouted old cars instead. Her town... Continue Reading →

  A Review by Monique Quintana Review: Wendy C. Ortiz. Bruja. Publisher: Civil Coping Mechanisms Release Date: October 31, 2016 ISBN139781536878547 Author Website: Upon entering Wendy Ortiz’s new book, Bruja, you will find the definition of a "dreammoir": “a literary adventure through the boundaries of memoir, where the self is viewed from a position anchored... Continue Reading →

Sunday Funday   Can I order a Michelada with a Modelo Especial? I say rubbing my right temple. Yeah, I’ll have the same, and a menudo, wait do you have pozole? Mari says, adjusting her gold bangles. Yes. We have menudo and pozole on Saturday and Sundays only. All day, our waitress says collecting the... Continue Reading →

    JERRY KNEW   he was gay while eating Pez, Joan Crawford in Rain on TV. Newton had the apple that showed him how to find a motel named gravity. Jerry had Joan.   He was 18, knew at 13, but knowing can be far from saying.   Yet he felt more sure of... Continue Reading →

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